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Our firm, Shai Kravetzky – a law firm, is a boutique law firm specializing in collective and individual labor law, and is considered one of the leading firms in the field in the Northern and Western Galilee regions.

Our firm has a professional team with extensive experience in representing and litigation employees and employers in all areas of labor law and the various aspects that accompany employer-employee relations, includes: representation in judicial tribunals (regional labor courts and the national tribunal); the existence of employer-employee relations; workers’ rights; labor wages and overtime pay; severance pay; deterioration of conditions; rights of pregnant women; representation on frititive committees and disciplinary committees; hearing proceedings; sexual harassment at work; employer exchanges; personnel contractors and service providers; foreign workers and more.


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Our firm also provides ongoing counsel to employers from all sectors of the economy, including providing opinions in various areas of labor law; accompanying employers during initial organizing and negotiations for the signing of collective agreements; Representation in the Ministry of Economy (various permits, investigations under the Law to Increase Enforcement, etc.), giving lectures to employees and managers on various issues in labor law.

Our firm has extensive experience in providing legal advice to employees and employers and provides professional support to its clients while understanding the complexity, sensitivities and uniqueness of the field of labor law and workers’ and employers’ rights, and also provides its services in the Russian.

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