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Workers’ rights

  • Payroll claims
  • Wage laundering
  • Work at rest weekly
  • Debt to provident funds
  • Deductions from wages
  • Overtime
  • Recovery (recovery)
  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Holiday fees
  • Severance pay, dismissal, severance pay, severance pay
  • Deterioration of conditions
  • Restricting freedom of occupation and non-competition
  • Recognition of employer employee relations
  • Calculations of rights, wages and social conditions in accordance with collective agreements and various expansion orders in the economy.

Foreign workers

  • The rights of foreign workers.
  • Representation of foreign workers.

Women’s work

  • Dismissal of pregnant women and after maternity leave
  • Discrimination during an acceptance interview
  • Rights of pregnant women after birth.
  • Employees of personnel companies and service providers (guard workers, security workers, cleaning workers, etc.)
  • Disciplinary law and representation in disciplinary proceedings in the workplace.
  • Representation of employees in hearing proceedings.
  • Discrimination at work and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Drafting labor law agreements

  • Edit and draft personal work agreements
  • Consultation before signing a labor agreement
  • Edit confidentiality agreements
  • Draft no-contest agreements
  • Edit waiver and disposal forms
  • Claims of labor contract violation
  • Sexual harassment at work:
  • Handling and representation in sexual harassment claims at work
  • Representation of employees suspected of sexual harassment
  • Advising employers and companies on their obligations to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Equal rights and prevention of discrimination at work:

  • Representation in personal lawsuits againstmanagers and controlling shareholders.
  • Representation of employees when changing employers in the workplace.
  • Protecting whistleblowers in the workplace
  • Equal opportunities at work
  • Equal Rights for People with Disabilities
  • Sex discrimination
  • Dismissal due to reserve service
  • Representing workers in various processes with social security
  • Ongoing consulting for companies and employers.
  • Representation in legal proceedings in labor courts throughout the country arbitration and mediation.
  • Providing opinions on wage and labor law issues.
  • Work accidents and occupational diseases.
  • Worker rights in the public sector (state employees, and employees of local authorities).
  • Procedures for revoking dismissals and filing restraining orders.
  • Consulting before pension.
  • Dealing with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor on issues related to labor law, both at the civil and criminal levels.
  • Dealing with company liquidation and representing employees in a debt default in liquidation proceedings