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The role of a labor lawyer involves, among other things, the editing and drafting of various labor agreements.

These are agreements for employers and employees alike, among them work agreements for the self-employed, salaried and freelancers.

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Is there an obligation to sign a work agreement between employee and employer?

Is there an obligation to sign a work agreement between employee and employer?
It’s very important to know, Although, apparently, there is no law requiring the employer and the employee to sign any agreement or contract regulating the contract for the work needs in between, however,the Worker’s Notice law and the job applicant (working conditions and screening and acceptance procedures for work), 2002 requires each employer to provide his employees with a written notice detailing the working conditions (including working hours,social conditions, wages, etc.) no later than 30 days.
Thus, on the face of it, there is no legal obligation to sign an orderly employment agreement or contract, but there is another legal obligation that requires the employer to issue an orderly and detailed document. Therefore, it is preferable, both from the employee and the employer’s point of view, to spend the necessary time drafting and drafting a stable labor agreement, which will anchor the employment contract, on all its many sides, between the employee and the employer.

What is a labor agreement?

A labor agreement is a legal contract designed to anchor in an orderly, organized and legal manner all the rights and obligations that exist between the employee and the employer. These contracts are anchored in a long list of provisions, regulations and laws related to labor law and general contract law.

The interest of the employer versus the interest of the employee

It is customaryto whisper that the main “profiter” from signing anorderly labor agreement is the employer, since, in many cases, the signing of such an agreement comes on his own initiative. In fact, in practice, both sides here have an interest in anchoring their employmentengagement in an orderly manner, since a good labor agreement defines exactly what the party is giving, what it receives, what it is allowed to do and what it is not allowed to do.

What does a work agreement include?

A good labor agreement must meet all the basic requirements of labor law, including the full details of the employee and the employer. The agreement is required to describe in detail the role of the employee, including reaching points such as the level of responsibility that applies to him and his working hours and rest hours, and also include all of the employee’s obligations to the employer.

What happens if the labor agreement includes Pym’s trade that goes against the provisions of the law?

There are quite a few cases in which employees are signed labor agreements that include clauses that are contrary to the laws of the State of Israel in general, and in particular– labor laws. Whether this is done without the knowledge of the law or intentionally done by the employer, such clauses, which constaminate to the laws of the State of Israel, do not obligate the employees, even if they appear in the labor agreement signed by the employer, since the law states that there are rights for an employee that he is not entitled towaive (such as rest hours, etc.) and that a work agreement can only raise the level of the worker’s rights under the law, and not to reduce their validity.

Why is it important that a work agreement be properly worded and edited?

It is very important that the labor agreement be conducted and written in an orderly manner by a professional and experienced lawyer, and in accordance with the specific area of activity relevant to him. Labor agreements are required to include all agreements between the two parties in detail, clearly and implicitly.

From the employer’s perspective – future planning and savings with the help of regulated labor agreements

The drafting and drafting of regulated labor agreements tailored to the needs of the business make a material contribution to the planning and management of businesses, Organizations and companies. Professional work agreements can help plan the business’s expenses in the future, especially with regardto the company’s workforce, at various levels.