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Ongoing legal advice is an elementary need for the proper conduct of companies and employers.

It is important to know that employers often face lawsuits in a labor court, and their employees are required to pay large sums simply because they were unaware of the requirements of the law. These and many other problems involving the legal side of running a business can be avoided with proper legal advice.

ייעוץ משפטי שוטף לחברות ומעסיקים

Legal Advice in Labor Law

Labor law constitutes an essential component of the proper management of the business, and legal advice will assist, inter alia, in the following areas:

  • Strategic legal advice for proper management of labor relations, including changing or worsening working conditions, dismissal of employees, employee rights, obligations and employer rights, and an expansion order.
  • Preliminary hearing for laying off employees.
  • Conducting regulations in the workplace, such as meaningful regulations and regulations to prevent sexual harassment.
  • Drafting labor and retirement agreements.
  • Accompaniment of the Accounting Department and examination of salary data, in accordance with the Law of Increased Enforcement of Labor Law.
  • Adapting labor agreements and pay slips to current legislation.
  • Representation vis-à-vis the Ministry of Economy in areas related to labor law, such as the employment of foreign workers, refugees or women.

It should be emphasized that the legal advice also includes representation of employers and companies in various situations and cases, including:

  • Representation and counsel in civil legal proceedings.
  • Representation in criminal trials related to labor law.
  • Representation in lawsuits, including preparation of defense and prosecution warrants, on matters such as rights violations, commercial in justices and confidentiality.
  • Representation vis-à-vis workers committees in all matters relating to preliminary and general collective agreements.
  • Representation in cases of temporary remedies and injunctions.
  • Representation for labor agreements abroad.

Besides the foregoing, legal advice touches on a variety of areas and issues required for the proper management of a business, such as:

  • Drafting contracts related to various fields and industries in the economy.
  • Accompaniment of companies and businesses in the process of organizational change.
  • Mediation proceedings.
  • Injunctions.
  • Legal opinions on matters suchas personal agreements, collective agreements, and the employment of subcontractors.
  • Insurance advice including pension advice, employer liability insurance, executive and life insurance.
  • Retiner services.