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It is important to know that the State of Israel provides financial and medical assistance to victims of work accidents and occupational illnesses.

Work accidents and receiving compensation

Work accidents are accidents that occurred at the place of employment itself, on the way to or from it. In the event of a work accident, compensation can be obtained from the National Insurance Institute, as well as from the employer’s insurance company.

עורך דין תאונת עבודה ומחלות מקצוע

Professional diseases and receiving compensation<

Unlike a work accident related to a one-time event at a given time and place, occupational diseases are created over time due to the nature and working conditions of the victim. It should be noted that Social Security operates according to a closed list of occupational diseases, and only diseases on this list will be recognized as such. However, with the help of a medical opinion it is sometimes possible to get a claim for an occupational disease even if it does not appear on the institution’s lists. In any case, here too it is necessary to prove a causal connection between the illness and the work of the victim. In cases of suspicion of an occupational disease, an appropriate medical opinion should be sought, and the claim for compensation should be submitted to the National Insurance Institute, which will determine the percentage of disability and the appropriate compensation. In addition, compensation can be claimed from the employer and his insurance company. It is important to know that proving an occupational disease and filing a lawsuit is a complex legal task, as the other party will try to claim that the disease would break out regardless of the workplace. Therefore, in these cases it is important to enlist the help of a labor law firm, which has extensive experience in this type of claims.

A work accident is the kind of unhappy event that can change your life, and unfortunately – not for the better. Often, the agony of the aching body after a work accident is also accompanied by quite a few mental anxieties, and fears, most of which are focused on the economic matter, on the loss of earning capacity of the person injured in the accident. Section 79 of the National Insurance Law Combined Version since 1995 defines “work accident” as an accident that for it to fall under the definition of “work accident”, both conditions must be met – the accident occurred during the victim’s working hours and the accident occurred due to working conditions. The victim worked. It is important to know that the law also refers to the object and time of travel from and to the workplace as “working hours”, and therefore, even to an employee who is injured, for example, on his way to work, the law refers to someone injured in a work accident.

Work accident – what do we do?

The first thing the victim must do is inform his employer about the occurrence of the accident and get a form from him, 250 – “Notice of an accident”, in which the employer indicates his details and details of the accident (according to the injured party) and signs it. At the same time, write down the details of the witnesses to the accident, photograph the scene of the accident and write as many details as possible about the circumstances of the accident, if they are fresh in your mind. Comprehensive medical examinations should be performed at the earliest opportunity; therefore, it is advisable to contact the HMO or, directly, the nearest emergency room. It is important to note that the source of the injury was in a work accident, and make sure that all the details are recorded correctly in the medical forms. In addition, at this time, it is advisable to contact a lawyer who specializes in work accidents, in order to guide you exactly how to proceed, as different types of work accidents may require different conduct between one case and another.

How much money do you get for a work accident?

The assessment of the value of compensation due to plaintiffs in personal injury claims is considered a whole and complex world in itself, and as such, it requires in-depth knowledge of laws, rulings and medicine, as well as rich professional experience and close familiarity with various regulations, such as the types of disabilities further. It is not possible to schematically estimate that you will get an X or Y, since each case on its own merits, and each work accident has its own individual circumstances. For a more accurate assessment, consult an experienced attorney.

Work accident – who are they suing? / Work accident – who pays a salary?

When a salaried employee is injured in a work accident that prevents his work or livelihood in a temporary or permanent way, in part / full scope, he has several options for submitting the claim for compensation due to the damage caused by the accident:

  • Filing a claim against the employer – if the accident occurred due to the employer’s negligentness, this claim can be filed within a period of 7 years from the date of the accident.
  • Submitting a claim to the Institute forThe Expression of National – such a claim can be submitted within a period of up to one year from the date of the accident.

Filing a claim against the insurance company in which the employee is insured – in cases where the employee is insured with a personal or group policy that covers damages from work accidents, a claim can be filed within 3 years of the accident.

How soon do you get social security money after a work accident?

Initially, immediately after the accident, the injured worker is entitled to receive injury benefits from the National Insurance Institute. These are paid for three months from the day after the accident. During this period of time, the employer is not permitted to deduct sick days from the employee’s accumulated sick days (except for the first and second days of absence after the injury, in cases where the worker is absent from work for less than 12 days).

After the end of the 90-day period, the employee’s eligibility to pay injury fees ends. In cases in which injury or disability remains due to the work accident, LeAccess, accompanied by a lawyer, must claim a claim to the National Insurance Institute for disability.

How do I file a work accident claim?

The best way to get through this process is accompanied by a lawyer who specializes in work accidents and conduct with the National Insurance Institute, with his many labyrasts of bureaucracy. It is very important to know that, although itis known that no one is reluctant to pay (even when you are entitled by law), to the National Insurance Institute, its committees and multiple forms, there are all the ways to make you despair, give up, and give up what youdeserve.